Aircraft Carrier Playlist

On this rainy Sunday there’s nothing much to do. So we have your Sunday afternoon sorted with this playlist with aircraft carrier videos.

The first shows night operations on the USS Carl Vinson. As a photographer it’s hard not to see some nice photo opportunities. The second one is a really nice made video showing the operations on a carrier.

The Strike Fighter Ball shows more of the actual flying where the other videos focus on the carrier itself.

The next two are in Russian and French, but you don’t need to understand to appreciate the documentaries. Certainly the slow motion parts of Migs taking off are impressive.

The next one may not be that impressive, but gives a nice behind the scenes view of what it is like to visit an aircraft carrier. After seeing the first videos you may want to visit one, but after seeing this one you definitely want to go…

Of course you can’t make a playlist about aircraft carriers without adding a Tomcat video. This really needs no introduction, but I do want to apologize for the music.

The last two are in for fun. Both are videos about planes with a stuck nose gear. Both pilots manage to put them down safely in a rather impressive way.

Make sure to let us know what your favorite aircraft carrier video is in the comments below!


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