Meet me at the lake


5 thoughts on “Meet me at the lake

  1. Oh good. Are you doing a flying boat or float plane photoshoot? Thanks for keeping the photos coming to keep us almost sane until air show season starts.


      1. Lucky you – i only go flying these days every other year with Easyjet to and from Belfast and Paris Roissy, or more often when i trip over the dog! Ok so i’m going international tomorrow from Valenciennes to Belgium, but i don’t think the bus counts as flying, if you discount the bumps in the road. Hope the Bronco at this years Prouvy – Valenciennes show. Billed to appear, but one of several no shows, last year. Got my big nose very close to a Mirage 2000 for first time, and the cockpit made me think of the Americans – everything stuck together with duct tape! Mdr. Belgium has more modern aircraft than France for the size of the country i suspect. Rafales are all hidden or on overseas sales drives. We’re (i’ve fallen into saying we already, even though another damn Anglo!) only defended by Mirage 2000s now. Did you read the Rafales for Egypt coming off the production line from the order that was for the Armée de l’Air and Marine Nationale? Being in the know, better than me, what’s latest on the NH90s in Belgium? Are they working any better, or rusting to pieces like the earlier deliveries? Some good photos from on the RP Defence site of the training with the army, and heavy lift exercises/tests. At the moment your Finnish Hurricane photos are still the most popular, that i’ve stolen and sent to Pinterest. Second place the Bronco. After that hard to say as some “slow burners”. Hope you don’t mind i’ve shared so many. Hope the studies going well and exam results good mate.


      2. I guess it’s the same everywhere. Sar version NH90 is still not operational. The army versions are. But there are a lot of political talks going on to downsize the army to basically nothing…. I don’t mind if you share my pics. 🙂 the copyrights on it so no problem. Studies are going fine but loads of work. Only two months left though 🙂 hope you can catch the Bronco 😉 where are you going in belgium?


      3. Just a little jump over the stream at the border, as often for the cigarettes for the belovéd, and tobacco for me. Bus stops in Quiéverchain, and hard to see the join between there and Quiéverain, other than the tiny bridge over the stream. Ok we’re in the money at the moment , so if i’m a good boy i’ll get a few Belgian ales too. Some Anglos wine snobs – i’m an an ale snob, and love my Brunes, and Ambrées. Half my glass collection Belgian. We’ll have a meal at “Le Royale” as often, after that back to France, belching and farting! Other than certain buralistes and the one restaurant, the mad Ulsterman is but a phantom to the Belgians, other than the Augusta Westland 109 display team, who i have annoyed with questions at both the Northern Ireland International Air Show, and at last, last year’s show at Valenciennes- Prouvy. Amazing what they can do with those choppers. Put larger armed forces’ teams to shame. First year they displayed in Northern Ireland (and before met love of my life) they had helos parked secure, and wandering around the ground shows etc, and saw me sitting on collapsable chair in my usual garb at time, and mistakenly thought i was another pilot (i wish!). It’s all the Belgians’ AW109 display Team’s fault I started taking interest in French language again, and ended up getting engaged to a mad Ch’ti woman! My geography and internal GPs is improving, but i’ll ask anyway – are there any shows not far from French border accessable by public transport, taking into account, probably having to come from Quiéveran, or nearest Belgian town to Vieux Conde, where the new tram line has recently extended to. By the way it seems your English is extremely good as you can reply faster than me in my own language! Possibly as now i haven’t a clue which language i’m trying to speak. I think i have invented a new language of Ch’tUlster Scots! Glad to hear stress levels seem to be dropping. Some of past posts mad me think you were burning and stressing out. I never went to University level, and my last exams at school made me smoke like a train, or as the French say pompier, and though underage drink like a fish. I always wanted a “spiffing” upturned RAF WWII twirly moustache, and yelled at by teachers to shave, but despite having tash from early age, never got the “Wingco” look, only Mexican droopy type. Sorry for waffling – lack of sleep, change of medication, and first beer for 3 weeks.


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