Flying Trip: iPhone point of view

Had a great trip to Alderney last weekend. Below are some of the iPhone pictures I snapped during the flight to and from Alderney. For other pictures you can check out my personal Instagram account by clicking the Instagram tab in the sidebar.


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    1. apron6 says:

      Thanks! Had my DSLR with me, but didn’t really bother using it. Glad the iPhone pictures are liked.


      1. I always use iPhone myself. 😉


      2. apron6 says:

        It’s pretty good so why not 🙂 Nice blog btw!


      3. Thanks! Yes and it’s always with me and easy to carry. I can’t hold my 7D in my other hand and fly with the other. 😉 The 6 takes pretty good photos anyways.


      4. apron6 says:

        Wish I had a 6. Big difference compared to my 5…


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