Playlist: Music videos

It’s Sunday so it’s time for a new playlist. This week it’s all about the music. I tried to make a selection of the best (and worse) music videos that are somehow related to aviation or airplanes.

Of course it starts with ‘learn to fly’ by the Foo Fighters. It would be a shame if it didn’t make it into the playlist. Another one with a pretty straightforward link to aviation is ‘airplanes’ by BoB and Hayley Williams.

Next up are 3 videos that have the connection thanks to the video itself. ‘Bird of Prey’ by Fatboy Slim has some nice footage of a Hunter soaring through the skies. Similar is ‘Music sounds better with you’ by Stardust, although it’s a toy plane. In the same category we find ‘beautiful day’ by U2. Not the best footage but hey, it’s a nice song.

This playlist will also take you back to some very dark times in music history. Just when you started to cope with the fact that the lead singer of Tokio Hotel is actually a boy, I put them in this playlist. Sorry! I would also appreciate it if someone could explain why they’re flying in a helicopter half of the time… Just as bad is ‘I want it that way’ by the Backstreet Boys. Just casually dancing before a Boeing 727 and in the airport. I do prefer the Blink 182 version of this…

To end some videos that are harder to link, but I guess Kanye West is flying and singing about touching the sky in ‘touch the sky’. And it’s a funny video so why not. Last but not least is ‘the recipe’ by Kendrick Lamar. The wheels touch down at LAX and you’re ready to enjoy the 3 W’s in life. Which reminds me that ‘wheels’ by the Foo Fighters would have been perfect for this list. Oh well.

Feel free to add your favorite music video in the comments below.


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