What do some of the most iconic planes have in common?

Clarence “Kelly” Johnson. That’s what they have in common. The groundbreaking aircraft designer behind some of the greatest aircraft ever built. JOHNSON-Clarence-L.-Kelly At the age of 28 Kelly started working at Lockheed Martin. It was the start of a lengthy career at Lockheed and most of the iconic Lockheed aircraft were his design. After working on the Lockheed Electra, with which he earned his stripes, he came up with the P-38. Which is remarkable not only for it’s special looks, but also because of it’s large contribution to World War II.  After working on the F-80, T-33 and some other well known aircraft, he lead the team that designed the F-104. The Widowmaker, as the F-104 was sometimes nicknamed, may not have been the safest airplane, but judging the looks of it you can only agree when I say it looks so damn good. When it comes to looks, Johnson has some other impressive achievements on his list. The U-2, SR-71 and Constellation are all from his design team. Johnson, who died in 1990, has made the fastest flying, highest flying and some of the best looking planes and changed both military and commercial aviation.


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