Relive 25 years of aviation with this Farnborough playlist

The fifties and sixties were the golden years of aviation and these Farnborough airshows clips show this once more. The introduction of the jet age changed both commercial and military aviation. All kinds of new airplanes and helicopters made their introduction and many experimental aircraft were shown to the public. But these rapid changes came with sacrifices, also at the Farnborough Airshow…

Relive 25 years of aviation now with this playlist.


6 thoughts on “Relive 25 years of aviation with this Farnborough playlist

  1. Nice find. Thanks for sharing. It’s incredible to think these shows were ALL British – no Americans, no French, no Russians… Today, that would get you an empty field and the sound of crickets.


    1. Yeah, I noticed this as well. In the fifties they were just showing off their British planes. That’s why I have the video from the seventies as well. Then it really becomes an international airshow.


      1. That’s exactly what happened. Farnborough was originally the showcase of the Society of British Aircraft Constructors; but after the infamous 1957 Defence White Paper, enforced amalgamations and further cuts through the 60s, they realised there were hardly any SBAC members (or products) left and opened the doors.

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      2. Thanks for the additional info!
        I will try to make the blogpost about ‘airshow posters now and then’ by next week. Thanks again for that idea!


      3. I made my way through to the 41 minute documentary about Farnborough 1976 – 1980 last night and noted a few subtle name changes: First, the show became Farborough ‘International’ (from1978); then the SBAC became the Society of British ‘Aerospace Companies’ (in 1964). Progress, huh?
        …I also noted the Shorts Skyvan getting a little showtime. 🙂


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