10 celebrities who are pilots

1. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is probably the most famous of all celebrity pilots. Unfortunately most people learned this when he crashed his Ryan in March 2015. Luckily without any heavy injuries. This wasn’t the first crash for Ford though. He once crashed a LongRanger and walked away from it as well. Harrison Ford is an avid promotor of aviation and has featured in short films for aviation museums and appeared in advertisements for AOPA.

2. Angelina Jolie Just when you thought she couldn’t get any better! She said following about flying: They say it’s better than sex.  It’s so much better.  It’s amazing.

3. Tom Cruise We all know Tom Cruise from Top Gun (I honestly haven’t seen it yet…) and from his stunts, like hanging outside an A-400, but Tom is also a pilot. You can check out one of his pilot stories below. In 2013 he bought his very own P-51 Mustang!

4. John Travolta Another well known aviation enthousiast is John Travolta. He’s an ambassador for Breitling and has featured in many advertisements for the brand. Besides that, he’s also an ambassador for the ‘living legends of aviation’. Of course he’s a pilot himself and he owns several planes, one of which a Boeing 707.

5. Clint Eastwood

6. Morgan Freeman

7. Brad Pitt As it turns out, Angelina isn’t the only one flying airplanes. Her husband even bought himself a Spitfire! Angelina Jolie and a Spitfire? Some people really are lucky!

8. Bruce Dickinson Bruce Dickinson might might not be known by name by everyone, but everyone has heard him sing as Dickinson is the lead singer of Iron Maiden. Besides flying the bands ‘Ed force one’, he owns a Fokker DRI and is a member of the Great War Display Team.

9. Michael Dorn Michael is known for his role in Star Trek and he owns a T-33.

10. Hilary Swank Except for Angeline Jolie there are only men in this list so lets add a second female pilot. Hilary played in many movies, one of which is ‘Amelia’, about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. This prompted here to get here own pilot license.

11. Chuck Norris

Well, you can’t leave Chuck Norris out, can you? So here’s an extra. Chuck Norris joined the USAF and continued flying after his military career. Below some less known facts about Norris.

A good flight for Chuck Norris is a bad flight for you.

No one knows what Chuck Norris’ tale number is, nobody has ever gotten that

Chuck Norris was once denied a clearance… once

Chuck Norris doesn’t have emergencies, only moments of brief excitement.

Chuck Norris cannot be tracked on radar, if he appears, it is too late; you
are already dead.

Chuck Norris doesn’t request clearances, he states intentions.

– See more at: http://aviationhumor.net/chuck-norris-pilot-jokes/#sthash.azJa2glb.dpuf


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