A guide to aviation photography

– You’re a beginning photographer and want to learn the basics?

– You would like to set up a night shoot but don’t know how?

– You want to get into air to air photography?

Well, join the club of many other aviation photographers. To help you out we’ve made a guide!

In this guide you will learn:

What gear you’ll need

The basic settings on your camera

7 tips on making a creative pictures

How to tell a story

How to edit your pictures

How to set up a nigh shoot

What to photograph when flying an airplane

How to set up an A2A shoot

What an iPhone can do

  • So, that’s 9 guides.
  • 75 pages.
  • More than 90 pictures to illustrate the tips and tricks.


Make sure to get your copy in the first 7 days to enjoy the discount. From next weekend on, it will cost €10!

Hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to get your copy. 
Buy Now Button

Currently working on a new revised version, with more in depth tutorials and a new design. Subscribe here to receive the latest news on this new version.


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