Koksijde Fly-In; an impression

Last Saturday I visited the second edition of the Koksijde Fly-in. With the history of the famous airshows of Koksijde the organization has a lot to live up to. Last year I had the feeling they couldn’t really live up to the expectations and I had the same feeling again this year. I had a very enjoyable day but there was something about the event that didn’t feel right. I put a lot of thought in what it could be and I can only conclude that it’s a fly-in that is organized like an airshow. This results in a a lot of static planes without anything happening on the airfield. A fly-in is all about planes flying in, pilots camping underneath the wings of their plane, etc. An airshow is all about a good static and nice displays. The problem is that this fly-in combined some of these elements and ended up somewhere in between those two events. I really hope they will think about a new concept by the next edition.

Even though these problems that come with a new event, I did have an enjoyable day. As said it wasn’t really perfect photographically, but it was good seeing some people again and there were some pretty nice airplanes present. The balloon event at the beach of Koksijde was a good end of the day.

I’ll make a little post later this week with some of the highlights. In the meantime you can take a look at some iPhone pictures I made.


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