Here, hold my beer…

We’ve all had our drunk nights, but I bet none of your stories are as good as those of Thomas Fitzpatrick.

On the night of the 30th of September 1956 Thomas was out drinking in a bar in Manhattan. He made a bet with someone in the bar. What the exact bet was is up to debate, but the result is brilliant. Thomas ended up stealing a plane at Teterboro airport in New Jersey and flew to St. Nicholas Avenue and 191th Street in NY. He didn’t go for a silly low pass, but actually landed the plane on the street, between parked cars, buildings and people. All while being slightly intoxicated! The owner of the plane didn’t put charges against Thomas so he actually got away with a 100 dollar fine.

The story is amazing, but it doesn’t end here. Two years later Fitzpatrick did the exact same thing all over again. While having a drink in a bar the barkeeper didn’t believe he had landed a plane in NY city. So Thomas promptly stole another plane and did it all over again to prove he could do this! This time he didn’t only land the plane, but also 6 months in jail…

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