Crimson Skies

Today is an import day in gaming history. At least it is to me. Because today it’s 15 years ago that Crimson Skies came out.

The computergame had an alternate history in which the USA fell apart after World War One. Set in the alternate thirties, different air pirates tried to gaine control over the the American skies.

I can’t really remember how I got the game but I used to play it all the time. The game came with a guidebook that looked like a magazine from the thirties. Everything about the game was just cool. The graphics weren’t the best but certainly ok for a game at that time and you could do so many things. From completely designing your own pirate plane, to stunt flying and shooting down other planes and buildings. What I liked most about the game were the planes. Set in an alternate history the planes were very cool. From real experimental aircraft to the craziest looking designs.

I still have the game at home but unfortunately no PC to install it. So I have to do it with this video and screenshots.


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