5 Instagram accounts you should follow if you’re into helicopter flying

Copterpilot is an LA Movie pilot with an Instagram filled with stunning views of Las Vegas, NY, SF, LA and Miami. Every single one of these shots make you want to go and fly a heli.

GoldenGateAir is very similar to what Copterpilot does, but also worth a follow if you like city views and cockpit photos.

Shot by @jsovs | taken with @flynyon | 🚁📷💥

A post shared by NYONair (@nyonair) on

NyOnAir is a company providing helicopterflights above New York. It’s on my wishlist for my trip later this year. Their Instagram convinced me they’re the company to go with.

Van Styles is a bit of an outsider in this list. Van is a photographer based in LA and most of the time you’ll see half naked models passing by on his feed (not that anyone minds). But Van has done an epic shoot with a model in a helicopter and often goes flying for photos.

Of course I also have my personal Instagram account with my aviation pictures, behind the scenes and random snapshots. Make sure to follow!


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