How did you get in the world of A2A photography?

How did you get in the world of A2A photography?

I got this question on my Instagram account a couple of days ago and I thought it might be interesting to answer it here as well.

It’s the dream of many aviation photographers to do air to air shoots. It’s almost the highest level you can reach as a photographer. For me it started quite early as on the age of 15 I had the opportunity to do an air to air shoot with some oldtimers. I got to know these pilots and I ended up in a formation flight. Just luck. But from there on it was hard work. I was constantly active on forums, contacting people who were flying or taking pictures. It’s all about knowing the right people.

Then I contacted Eric Coeckelberghs, who was doing a lot of flights. I got his attention because of that first flight. After all there aren’t many 15 year olds doing air to air photography. After almost a year of talking about photos and flying, I did some air to air shoots with him and the new aviation photocrew. As a member of that crew I got the most amazing opportunities and things just grew.

So if you want to get into A2A photography you really need to network. Don’t see those people as a way of getting in to flying, but as friends, because many of them will be! And if you’re not into networking but would like to experience it once, you can try one of the aviation photocrews projects. Have a look at our website for more information:

Want to read more about A2A? Here’s a post about my first Skyvan flight:


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