I am interested in doing A2A photography. I wanted to ask if you might know how it is possible to do?

Another question I got on Instagram yesterday. It might be interesting to write a few words about this.

A part of the question is answered in the previous post I wrote about A2A photography. https://apron6.com/2015/10/29/how-did-you-get-in-the-world-of-a2a-photography/

As said there it’s all about networking and knowing the right people. But sometimes this isn’t possible or it simply takes to much time. Others are looking for the experience and only wish to do this once. For them there is another option.

Many of the pictures you see on this blog are made during photoflights with the Aviation Photocrew. As a member of the crew I had the luck to do some very special flights. Every now and then we do projects for a larger group. We take photographers with us to share the experience of A2A photography.

Of course we can’t take anyone. Most of the time there’s only room for up to 9 photographers. Also, these flights are not for free even though many people seem to think they are…

If you’re really considering joining us you can read more on our website: http://aviation-photocrew.com. Make sure to go to the contact page and mail Eric.


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