It’s almost four months ago, but here are the pictures I made at Culdrose of the Swordfish and Chipmunk. It was the first time I used a 200mm in a photo flight. During all the previous photo flights I used a wide angle lens and I still prefer that even though I have to admit I like these photos.


15 thoughts on “Swordfish

  1. Magnifique photos! The Stringbag one of my favourite aircraft. Bit like me – a dinosaur in it’s age, but still functioned better, and outlasted many, supposed to take it’s place! Mdr!

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      1. And last deliveries in August 1944. Albacore and Barracuda interesting to look at, but nothing compared to this old lady. Maybe that was the secret to it’s success – nobody believed something so ancient looking could still be flying, and the reactions of gunners or fighter pilots was to aircraft of the contemporary era. Was at an air show on the north coast of natal Northern Ireland one year, where one of the RN Historic Flight’s Swordfish due to display. A very rare occasion when we basked in sunshine and good weather while rest of British Isles in rain and high winds. Over my airband heard the pilot of the Stringbag apologise to the tower he couldn’t make it, as he was over the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea, and flying backwards (according to instruments), due to the strong headwinds! Bon weekend biloute!


      1. Of course appropriate with the Spike Milligan song – “I’m walking backwards for Christmas, over the Irish Sea”! Thank you kind Sir I will. Finally broke my knees and gave my better half an engagement ring today! Wedding in April (pas la premiere! C’est pas un poisson d’Avril!) next year. A step closer to becoming a strange racial mix – Ch’tirlandais! After four years here in the north I have no idea what language I’m trying to speak. Took the revered aged one to Quiévrain, when he visited last month and he likes Belgian steaks too – and the Belgian bière de Noel to wash it down with.

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      2. Thanks Biggles. Hope you get more flights in soon. Envy you flying in an old shoe box like the Skyvan, as much as i do the birds flying behind you! Hope Pere Noel brings you more flights and camera equipment mon ami.


      3. Thanks! Wouldn’t mind to do more flights and get into some general photography as well. I have some sort of plan. Let’s see how that goes 🙂


      4. Haha, no weddings for me. Don’t like to photograph people who are aware they’re being photographed 🙂 You’ll need to find someone else!


      5. Hate being photographed myself – that’s why it seems I always have a beer in my hand – only time I’m too slow to dodge the camera! Read a great rant from an American wedding photographer about amateur photographers, and guests with mobile phones and tablets, photographing at weddings, ruining all the photos. He was right. I don’t think it will stop anyone though. Glad I’m here in the far north near the Belgian border, and not in Paris now, as i wouldn’t like to be photographing the carnage in Paris now! I thought I’d left all that behind in Northern Ireland. Encore bon weekend, et bonne chance.


      6. I see the news reports come in. It’s crazy. And it really gets in your head. I’m going to NY for new years eve. Hope everything stays ok there…


      7. Surprised and shocked myself, but not at same time – knew they’d try to hit France (and/or the Belgians too – for a small country and military they are doing a lot of hits on the Jihadists too) sooner or later. As we used to say the security forces need to win every time – the terrorists only once. Hope you have a great time in New York, New York (so good they named it twice) – i suspect you will have more problems with drunk Irish and Irish Americans there my friend! Sink a pinte or six for me!


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