Instagram Roundup

It’s time for another Instagram round up. Here are my current favorite photographers.

Laïrd Kay is not the best photographer I’ve seen, but there is something about his shots. They have a certain ‘cleanness’ over them and give a different and new look on often photographed subjects like airliners.

You need big wings to keep this big bird in the air! The massive @emirates a380.

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Danny Jared is a 787 pilot. His Instagram only has 8 pictures so far, but it looks promising!


Anthony Pecchi is one of my favorite photographers. A different approach to aviation photography and stunning air to air work. He also has many behind the scenes of his work as an aviation photographer.

Maroc#H125#copyright Anthony Pecchi#Airbus Helicopters

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11 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup

  1. C’est bon biloute, mais on prefer ses photos! Bon weekend my Belgian friend. had another good feed in Le Royale in Quiévrain today, before helping the Belgian economy, and depriving the French treasury of more taxes, buying our cigarettes, tobacco, and some beer there today. The Douainers and la Police at the border again, checking the Ch’tis returning with their Belgian cigs and tobacco, and further over border a Gendarmerie helico in the air. A good St Feuillien Noel helped the meal go down, better than a Stuka! Fourth Christmas in the French/Belgian borderlands coming up, and finally renewing my interest in Christmas. More of a spirit here, rather than just the commercial crap. Also find easier to find more and better calendriers avec les warbirds ici. One day i’ll decide which language i’m trying to speak!! Si je parle pas avant biloute joyeaux Noel et bonne année mon ami Belge.

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      1. Enjoi – vous merit un bon temps biloute. Look forward to the new year, new photos and new projects.


      2. Ye lucky git!! The natal Ulster/Scots breaking through the Ch’ti again! Hope you have a good telephoto to catch those “candid” moments, when the Yanks misbehavin’ below! Probably be safer in the air over the States than back here in France or Belgium, where the choppers, more likely to be radar tracked, locked onto by anti air missile batteries, and buzzed by Armée de l’Air and Belgian Air Component! I may need to visit the optician, but sure i’ve seen the Belgian AW 109s on this side of the border over the autoroutes a few times recently. Possible they have a “hot pursuit” agreement like Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland now. It has been a long time (rarely other than around air show/14 July time) since seen the Gazelles, and Pumas/Super Pumas/Caricals over the Valenciennes area, but a lot more about, seemingly changing guard, on patrol last few weeks. Know the Belgian AW 109 display pair from the Northern Ireland International Airshow, before moved here, back in October 2011, so recognise clearly the Belgian choppers in French airspace, even, if only by a few KM. This afternoon when came home after our visit to Belgium, and a stop at the supermarket on way home, a lot of claxons, like trucks on autoroute, and sirens of just about every French emergency service started shortly after. Again saw the familiar shape of what i am sure was AW 109 over the autoroute, shortly after the bordel started. Glad to know we (ha ha i said we – i’m French/Ch’ti or what?! – I will take dual citizenship later) are getting mutual protection from our friends to the north! Encore un fois bon weekend Jeune Chevalier.


      3. Very disappointed when i actually remembered to take my passport recently, passing through frontier, and the Peelers (named after the founder of the British and Irish Police services – William Peel), as us Irish are apt to call the Police, and the Douainers, never asked – too occupied stopping all the sports cars! -(This is the French by the way – saw no controls on Belgian side) If they start getting more annoying I’m skipping over to Quiévrain! Do you know which base the Belgian AW 109 pair operate out of? Maybe i can enveigle my way into their good books and get a lift there and back, next time they do the Northern Ireland Air Show!! PMSL. I believe in Pere Noel, les Fées, and miracles too! Wish I lead as charmed a life as you sir, but happy to hear someone living the dream. Keep your eyes to the skies and never on the gutters sir. Bon weekend at bon fetes de fin de anée biloute.


      4. Hell – why not they were leaving Belgium, with cars full of Belgian produce! You’ve won already! Merci pour l’information – It clicked again when saw name – memory getting bad prematurely – too many meds and the Belgian strong ales! Lol.

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