Quick Pic: Rafale up close


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2 thoughts on “Quick Pic: Rafale up close

  1. Bonne année. Santé, prospérité et bon sexe! (Appris qu’à partir du Ch’tis sans surprise). Hope the year brings more great flights and photos for you and us greedy followers of your flying adventures “Biggles”! Looking forward to more great, and unusual, unique shots, to steal for Pinterest, and Farcebucket, sorry Facebook. Did Pere Noel bring you more photo equipment to play with? Not sarcastic comment – you have a talent to take great shots, in difficult circumstances, with anything you seem to have close to hand, be it a camera, or old phone biloute. Hope you’ve less exams this year, and more time, money (or financiers/sponsors) to take you to more shows and private shoots. Almost always some of the most reposted/repinned stuff, I reshare off your sites to FB and Pinterest (though the more “artistic” not appreciated, by some others, as much as i do – they just want pretty shots of hardware, not the esprit of flying). keep em all flowing, we love em all. The teams behind the scenes just as important to keep em all flying biloute. Without them, where would we be? – Photographing dusty static museum aircraft? “Up the rebels and to hell with Burgundy” – “Jusqu’à les rebelles et à l’enfer avec la Bourgogne” as Shakespeare says!

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