Airows feature

I have been photographing for the past 9 years now and thanks to some luck and lots of work I have managed to make a nice portfolio of aviation photos. The first year I didn’t really care about the photo, the plane on it was far more important. It’s only since year two that I wanted to create a nice photo. Even more recent, about a year now, I dare  to shoot more than just aviation. During the past 9 years I have tried to show my pictures to an audience. Being aviation photos I always posted them on aviation forums and on aviation related Facebook groups, etc. I really wanted my pictures to be seen outside the select group of aviation enthousiasts, but by posting them in those groups they were never seen by anyone else. These things don’t ‘just’ happen…

That’s why, recently, I’ve been actively promoting my photos to more general pages and groups. Instagram has been quite handy in this. I’ve been picked up by TheLensBible and just yesterday by Airows, a blog focussing on a ‘luxurious lifestyle’.

I’m really looking forward on getting more of these features.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-19 om 20.53.50


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