Update on the shop

I recently got some questions regarding my online shop. How Society6 works and how to get the my limited # prints. So here’s a short introduction to my shop.

Society6 is a website that offers artists a place to sell their work. Society6 has many advantages for me as a photographer. They deliver quality work and I don’t have to print stuff myself and I don’t have to ship it across the world. As you might have noticed here I’m not really talented when it comes to website building, so it’s easy that they take care of the payment system and other stuff as well.

I have been asked a couple of times how much I make on a print. Basically as much as I wish… Society6 sets a standard price to cover their costs. I can add as much as I want. In fact, I don’t add much, because it gets expensive very fast. But the money doesn’t really matter, it’s just great to know that people buy your stuff to decorate their homes or offices.

Here are a couple of my available products. Go to www.society6.com/apron6 to see all products.


I also have limited edition prints available. I made a page for them here: https://apron6.com/limited-prints/

I have 1 print from each photo available. All you need to do to order is send an email to apron6blog@gmail.com



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