Airpower ’16

Last week I went to Austria for Airpower 16. And what a great trip it was. It started out flying the Skyvan from Belgium to Zeltweg, Austria. It went pretty much without any problems and we found ourselves in great company and weather the next couple of days. Free Red Bulls, jets and oldtimers taxiing around us and a great setting for photos. Basically anything I could wish for. I guess being unemployed has at least one advantage…

I’ll made some photos and I tried to film again, but haven’t found the time to check out the footage. So expect a video and more photos in the future!

The way back was a little more exciting in the Skyvan. We found ourselves in complete shit weather after a great sunny flight over the mountains. But hey, fun photos and now I know there’s a Mc Donald’s at Frankfurt Hahn…

Unless I find a job really quick I’ll be in Zwartberg from tomorrow till Monday to make some A2A photos from the participants from the Sanicole Airshow. Make sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook/Twitter for behind the scenes.




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