Flying over L.A. with Elite Helicopters.

When traveling through the USA last July, I had a stop in Los Angeles for a couple days. The city is so big you simply can’t see everything you want to. I really wanted to see the most famous landmarks, so I booked a helicopter flight with Elite Helicopters. This company offers sightseeing tours above L.A. for about €150 p.p.

Upon arrival at Van Nuys Airport we were welcomed by the pilot and shown around the R44.(Van Nuys airport is easy accessible, but remember that traffic in L.A. is  complete shit so take enough time!)  Soon after we took the skies. The pilot is also the guide so he showed us some homes from famous actors and gave a lot of interesting information about the different neighborhoods.

The tour itself had us going over the hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Hollywood, Downtown, … Basically al the famous landmarks.

These flights are not photo flights, but you’re still able to shoot some decent stuff. You just have to be fast and keep in mind that you’re shooting through the canopy! You can find some tips on that here:

If you’re looking for a real photo flight I wouldn’t recommend the regular sightseeing flight. I guess it’s better to pay more and have the time and the right positions to shoot the landmarks. If you just want to make some snapshots and have a bird’s eye view on the city, the sightseeing tour is just right!


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