The beauty that is nose art

When I went to the Palm Springs Air Museum last summer I noticed almost every plane had a piece of nose art or some other decoration. Instead of photographing the planes who were standing very close to each other, I decided to focus on these little pieces of art. I’m fully aware that these aren’t the best photos, but I would like to share these anyway for the sake of the nose art.


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  1. Very nice Giel !
    We LOVE ‘Nose-Art’ ! 😉
    Cheers, Etienne & Co.
    Yak-52 ‘janie’ G-CBSS …

    Etc …
    Air Racing in Portugal …,yak52/Interesting
    Vintage Final Race
    Vintage Final Race

    It was A LOT OF FUN ! :-))
    More Races next year …
    Air Race Championship - ARC - Yak-52 Vintage Class - Etienne Verhellen - Race 69 - janie -  G-CBSS results


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