The switch to Fujifilm: a year later

About a year ago I did the best thing I ever did as a photographer. I bought a Fujifilm X-T1.

But first, let’s go back to the beginning of 2015. I was photographing with a Nikon D7000 and only photographed aviation. The D7000 was getting outdated and I felt that I would need to by something new. I hadn’t been photographing anything else but aviation, but I had a trip to Iceland and a trip to New York planned for the second half of the year. What I wanted was to be able to take some decent landscape photos while traveling.

The current situation didn’t let me. I used my D7000 when flying for air to air photos and I have to admit it performed well. It was robust enough to handle the hits of the metal rings that keep us secured in the plane. It was fast enough when it was needed. The quality was ok. Long story short: ideal for what I did. But as soon as I left the plane and had to walk around airfields with the D7000 I didn’t feel like it. It was to heavy and I didn’t like it.


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What happened next is that I shot more stuff on my iPhone than on the actual camera I had with me. I went to Alderney for a weekend, a very nice Channel Island. We did a lot of hikes there and again the D7000 just didn’t came in handy. I had my camera in the hotel for the entire weekend and shot everything on iPhone. With the Iceland and NY trip planned I didn’t want to do this again. The iPhone photos weren’t that bad, but I could only imagine the landscape photos that I could have made with a camera.

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So what I needed was a smaller and lighter camera that would be fun to use, wherever I go. And that is exactly what the X-T1 gave me. It did not make me a better photographer. I still mainly shoot aviation, but it made me try landscape/travel photography and wants me to try even more. It performed superb in the wet conditions of boating in Iceland as well as the warm conditions in Death Valley. It’s strong enough to endure the hits it takes during the flying and it performs well as a camera. (you can find a review here: So why was buying the X-T1 the best thing I did as a photographer? Simply because it made me like photographing. I liked to take photos of aviation, now I just like to take photos.


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