The last week has been great when it comes to seeing my photos spread across the world. About 3 weeks ago I already had a great feature at FlyOTW Edition. As they say on their website it’s ‘an online magazine (…). A curated space dedicated to exploring emerging and established talent through original and engaging projects in music, design, travel and art.’ It has been a real treat to have been featured on their website. For those interested in the article and interview: http://flyotwedition.uk/edition/2016/9/7/lens-in-the-sky


A week and a half ago I decided to throw my photos from my trip to the USA on Boredpanda. The post got featured on their photography page and it got picked up by Rex, a company from Shutterstock that sells features to magazines, newspapers, etc.

They picked up my series and only a couple of days later I see people from all over the world coming to my blog. From Latvia, Russia, Brazil, China, … Top for me is seeing my pictures on the GQ website. It may be the Chinese edition, but still, it’s GQ!

I will try to get more of these features in the future as they’re a great way to get exposure and show my work to the world. In the meantime make sure to follow me on Instagram!



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