Iceland: 5 tips for photographers

It’s more than the Golden Circle 

The Golden Circle has some of the most famous and most beautiful landmarks in all of Iceland. But it’s going further than the circle that will bring you unexpected and new nature. From landscapes that look like Norway to the out of earth experience at Hverir. If you have a 4X4 you can go inland and see even more.


Shoot from the car, but stop if possible

When driving around the island, you’ll be in the car a lot. You can stop pretty much everywhere you want, but sometimes you’ll have to shoot from the car if you want to get the shot. No problem, it makes for pretty pictures!


Be prepared for bad weather

Iceland isn’t really known for it’s beautiful weather, so be prepared for water and cold. Protect your camera when shooting. When it’s not raining you’ll still get wet because there are a lot of nice waterfalls to photograph. The water will be blown all over the place because of the wind. Make sure you have a protection of some sort and keep on shooting. Bad weather makes for some pretty photos.


Start early, stop late

If the weather isn’t too bad you’ll have a stunning sunrise or sunset. These are the best moments  to capture the Icelandic landscapes.


It’s more than landscapes

Don’t forget to shoot more than the landscapes. It’s also about the experience of traveling. Try to capture those moments.



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