Online shop (Update)

It’s been a while since I made a post about my online shop, but there are quite a lot of new things I want to show.


First of all there’s a big load of new available photos. I have been uploading new work almost everyday for the last few weeks. Secondly, Society6 has been making new products available. So now you can buy travel mugs, notebooks, etc. Thirdly, I have added new products myself. From now on you can buy wall clocks, pillows and tote bags. And last, but not least, I have streamlined all prices. So you pay a fair price for all products and every photo costs the same.


You think it’s still to expensive? No problem. Society6 gives discounts on a weekly basis and especially for you I made a list with the upcoming promos.

11/20: 24 HR Only
15% Off + Free Shipping on Everything

11/21: 24 HR Only
$5 Off (phone cases, tote bags, carry-all pouches, leggings, t-shirts, v-necks, all-over print tees, biker tanks, tank tops, tapestries, coffee mugs, travel mugs, metal travel mugs, art prints, stationery cards.) + Free Shipping on Everything

11/22: 24 HR Only
$6 Off All Tech
Free Shipping on Everything

11/23: 24 HR Only
$5 Off (tote bags, carry-all pouches)
Free Shipping on Everything


I work with Society6 because it’s easy to use. I don’t have to make the prints myself and send them all around the world. They deliver great quality for a fair price.(I do want to state though that what you pay, doesn’t go into my pocket. I only make 3 to 20$ per product! I could set the profit margin higher, but than the cost for you, the buyer, is simply too high.)



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