Merch review

I recently made a post about some of the new merch I offer through my Society6 webshop. Since then I got some of the new stuff to check out the quality of the products.

First is the tote bag from the crashed DC3 in Iceland. Quality of the print looks great and the bag itself is very well made. Note that the bag is textured so the print will never be as smooth as on paper. It’s quite a rough texture, but even with the texture it’s nicely done. The stitch work is also neat. It’s not just two sides stitched together, but there’s actually a gusset stitch on the underside. Interested? -> I have a large collection available here:

I also got a print from Death Valley and it looks really nice. The frame was not included (Ikea…). But again the print quality is great. Colours look almost exactly as on my screen, of course it’s a bit darker as the screen is a big light box.

 For more prints:


I made a couple of other changes to the shop. I deleted about 20 of my available pieces, to keep the quality of the photos I offer as high as possible. And I made a lot of new apparel available. So now you can buy T-shirts and hoodies with my photos on them.


And last, but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me by purchasing my work. Don’t forget to share this post or the link to my shop and help spread the word!


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