About Giel Sweertvaegher

  • Born in the small town of Poperinge; Belgium (°1992). Now living in Ghent.
  • Studied history at the University of Ghent and became a teacher in history.
  • Member of the Aviation Photocrew since 2009.
  • Photos used by several aviation magazines, Air Forces as well as brands like RedBull and Breitling. Others appeared on websites like GQ China, Airows, …


Apron6 started out in 2011 as a project by pilot Bob Velleman and photographer Giel Sweertvaegher. The idea was to show a creative impression of what aviation is all about. During the past years the blog had several looks and content always focussing on that idea.

Over the years it evolved more around the photos by Giel, most of them made as a member of the Aviation Photocrew, for which Bob used to pilot the Skyvan photoship. So even in changing content and forms, the basics were still the same. Two people with a passion for aviation trying to show aviation, preferably in a creative way.

Since 2016 the blog shifted away from being an ‘aviation blog’. There was no time to keep posting time consuming posts. So Apron6 turned into the photography site/blog of Giel. Next to the aviation part there is now a big chunk of non-aviation photography as well. Focussing on travels, landscapes and day to day life.

In 2018 Apron6 changed to a static site that serves as a portfolio site for Giel.

You can still find the old posts on this blog and the name ‘Apron6’ stayed, as did the friendship between Bob and Giel.




15 thoughts on “About

      1. Wanna take pictures of that? 😦
        I have a good friend and ex sqdn mate Col. “Patja” Stams, he’s also into making photo’s, maybe you should book a flight with him. Would be bit more spectacular. 🙂


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