No more blogging, no more Facebook

A lot has changed since 2011 and the use of blogs is one of them. A lot of social media have taken over and are a better medium to show what you’re up to. Certainly when your posts are image driven instead of text.

Same goes for this. Over the past years I changed this blog several times. Both the looks and the content. You can read more about that here.

Now I’ll take another step, changing Apron6 to a more static site and cutting down on the different social media platforms.

What will I do?

I will change this blog to a more static site. This means every blogpost will stay available, but I won’t be posting any new anymore. I’ll update my pages with new work though and use it as a portfolio. If I ever feel that I really have something meaningful to say/post I can always restart, but as for this moment I don’t.

I will post more often on Instagram because that is where things are happening. A blogpost might get a couple of likes and some views. But on Instagram one photo gets hundred(s) of likes and my story updates get hundreds of views. I also feel that in 2018 Instagram is much more of a fit for my content than a blog.

I will try to get more active on Twitter, but I’ll see how that goes.

Since Apron6 will only be a portfolio site I will change my social media handles to my actual name (I already did on some) and I will also change it on my webshops.

What won’t I do?

I won’t be posting on here anymore. It’s too time consuming and I’m basically just posting the same photos that I’m posting on Instagram.

I won’t be posting on Facebook anymore for a while. I’m fed up with the platform and it’s not giving me any interaction. I post the same things as on Instagram but I only get a fraction of the likes and comments and I barely reach any people anyway. I might give it another try, but only if I have content that fits the platform. It’s a matter of finding out what I can do on there that works.

What might I do?

I’m still doubting if I will keep the Tumblr up. I only have a coupe of hundred followers, but even when I only post once in a while my followers grow steadily. On the other hand. Isn’t Tumblr a thing of the past?

Anyway, if you wish to see my work in the future you can follow me on Instagram!