From good to bad and back.

It’s been a while since I wrote some personal stuff on this blog. I’ve been sticking to pictures, photography and vintage posts lately (with more success than before!), but with this post I’ll make an exception. After all it has been quite the week.

As said Saturday, I’ve been in the UK for two three days to photograph the Sea Vixen. As a member of the Aviation Photocrew I’ve got the chance to join in on the flight. To my surprise we had a little extra when the Seafire joined in on our flight. Again, two planes on the wishlist that I can tick off. We were parked with the Skyvan just behind the Swordfish. And just as in Yeovilton I  thought about an air to air flight with this plane. How amazing it would be to see it in the skies with the three crewmembers sitting behind each other. Then out of nowhere Eric set up the flight with the Swordfish on departure day. And so I found myself sitting in the Skyvan photographing the Swordfish only one day after I thought it would be amazing.

Below you can find some previews of both flight. With special thanks to Eric for sharing his hard work, Tony for flying the Skyvan, all crews (both flying and groundcrew) of the planes involved, and the fellow photographers for making it a fun week.

On Saturday things weren’t as fun anymore. After getting home for work I found out that Dan Griffith, who flew us with the Skyvan to Culdrose, had crashed in a Spitfire. Luckily he survived and got out with minor injuries. Unfortunately one of the Gnat display pilots wasn’t so lucky. He crashed his Gnat on the same day and did not survive. It came as an unpleasant surprise, as only two days before I had been photographing them at Culdrose. They were parked next to the Skyvan so I got pretty close for some photos. I was actually thinking how great it was that these guys kept three of these Gnats in the air and how they put up a great demo. All of a sudden all of that was gone.


But, the week did end with a more positive note. Sunday I got my new photogear. After a very long and hard thought I decided to sell all my Nikon gear and switch to Fujifilm. I hope I won’t regret my decision but you will read about it in a review once I’ve tested it on airplanes.

Oh, and I will get back to posting vintage posts and playlists. I didn’t have time to do any of those this week for the obvious reasons…