22 Jul

Last few days were really great. On Sunday Eric and I set of for a trip to Farnborough to catch the Vulcan behind the Skyvan. Back in 2011 we did our first Vulcan flight and then I thought it would be a once in a lifetime… Through bad weather and after the GPS sent us to a random country road instead of our hotel in Farnborough, we finally made it to our destination.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Leaving Calais heading to Dover (iPhone)


Yesterday was more hectic. Security at Farnborough did it’s job properly and it took about 2 hours and a half to get inside the airfield. The waiting wasn’t that bad as the Constellation, Eurofighters, F-16′s, etc. were taking of while we were standing before the gate. Thanks to the Vulcancrew we got in and with some help from the friendly people at Farnborough we finally got our stuff to the Skyvan. Just in time to get everything installed before the flight. Thanks to the PlanesTV guys for helping me out. Just as we were finished installing, we met up with the other photographers and took of for a great flight.

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The Super Constellation parked close to the Skyvan. There are worse views. (iPhone)


I joined the flight as 12th man. Which means I’m standing close to the cockpit, behind the 11 photographers. Most of the time you can only take making of pictures, but I got lucky (and also thanks to the last row of photographers for letting me take some pics). To make things better the Vulcan also joined up next to the Skyvan which gave me some nice side-on pictures. Together with the pictures from the 2011 flight I really have every angle, except for the underside as I could not photograph the break from my position.


I would like to thank Eric, the Skyvancrew and the Vulcancrew for making this flight possible.

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Back in Calais (iPhone)


More iPhone pictures can be found on my Instagram or on this blog in one of the upcoming ‘iPhone pictures’-post.

Up next would have been the Flanders Boogie at the dropzone of Moorsele, but the weather is shit so I hope to make it later this week!



17 Jul



bronco02-03-14_34g Update

15 Jul

Full Kemble album now online

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-15 om 15.34.53

Happy Birthday

11 Jul

Apparently this blog is 3 years old today. Let’s celebrate with a matching picture.




Tony flying his Bronco above Tyne Cot Cemetery.

Book project: Sequences

9 Jul

Making a selection from your own pictures is a pain in the ass. I know for sure now. Making a first rough selection wasn’t really that hard. I just selected everything I liked. But reducing the amount of pictures to a reasonable number is a little harder. And that is exactly what I have been doing. I managed to reduce the number of picture from 172 to 115.

Like I said before I’m making this book primarily for myself. And more importantly than the end result is the proces of making it. I really got to see that I have a lot of similar pictures while some aspects of how I experience aviation are underexposed. Really something to work on this summer.

Besides deleting pictures I’ve also tried to make a sequence of the pictures. Putting two pictures together who match for some reason. Either because of the subject, or because of the colours, lines or style. This was actually much harder than I thought it would be.

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-09 om 16.31.01

Though the two pictures don’t tell a story together, or match because of the subject, I did put them together because of their editing. The colours and style make them a match.

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-09 om 16.31.12

These two match for the same reasons, but they also tell a story. The first one shows A2A flying from inside the photosubject while the other shows it from the other side, the usual side.

Up next I’ll select the coverphoto, try to find a catching title, look for the right font, start to write some texts and start to work with the ‘booksmart’ program. And of course I hope to take some topshots in the upcoming months!

Gates to the sky

8 Jul



Bronco-Provost formation part II

5 Jul





3 Jul


Connie in ‘pilots and planes’

30 Jun

Apparently one of my Connie pictures made it as a double spread in a magazine called Pilot’s and Planes. Either they got it from the Connie crew, or they ripped it from the internet. In either case they messed up the copyright as they’ve put: Eric Sweertvaegher instead of my first name. More importantly they got the ‘aviation photocrew’ part right though.

Here’s the original file again as I don’t have the magazine…




26 Jun



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