Super Etendard


Last summer we did a photoflight with the Super Etendard of the French Marine. I wasn’t supposed to be on this flight, but I got lucky and could join as an extra. I didn’t think I would be able to shoot anything, but I had one moment where the Etendard came right in my frame. I clicked and that was my photoflight. Below is the result of the one second I had, but I’m very happy with it. The Super Etendard won’t be flying for long anymore, so this one shot might become a special one soon!blog

New Prints

Aviation Photography

Last week I ordered some 5×5 inch prints at ‘artifact uprising‘. Yesterday I received them and I’m happy with the results. The print quality is quite good and most of the selected pictures look nice on paper. It’s printed on at thick paper with a very subtle texture which gives an extra touch to the result.

These limited edition prints are up for sale as well (€20 per print). If interested you can contact me by filling in the contact form (link in menu above). Other prints can be found in the shop (permanently more than 50% of the price now!) or ordered by contacting me.

Prints (1 of 1)Prints1 (1 of 1)



You might have noticed it, bit I did some further changes to this blog. The shop is now in an easy drop down menu so it’s easier to pick the product you want. The social media buttons on the bottom of the page are not always very visible so I added an extra ‘social’ button to the menu. A last change in the menu is the addition of the ‘still’ page. Now you can browse through my non aviation pictures (updated once in a while) or choose to watch my aviation pics. In the last case you get redirected to all blogposts containing my pictures. On social media there are two new things. I post on Instagram on a daily basis now and since I made a new Tumblr page, all pictures get uploaded there as well. Certainly worth to follow both pages! To do so you can try out the new social button in the menu above!


Quick pic: Portuguese Falcon


F1618-09-15_40g (1 of 1)



It’s almost four months ago, but here are the pictures I made at Culdrose of the Swordfish and Chipmunk. It was the first time I used a 200mm in a photo flight. During all the previous photo flights I used a wide angle lens and I still prefer that even though I have to admit I like these photos.