Playlist: Koksijde Airshow

To continue where I stopped last Wednesday, I thought it might be a good idea to post this short playlist with some old footage.

Quick pic: lining up


Blast from the past

With Koksijde Fly-in this weekend I thought it might be a good idea to go through some old pictures from the airshow that was held there annually, until a few years ago. I only seem to have these from the 2003 airshow as after that most of the pictures were made with a digital camera. Those files must be somewhere on a harddrive, but even if I could find them they wouldn’t have this ‘old’ look. And after all they would’nt be that old at all!

During my search I did come across some older pictures from the airshow at Oostende. I don’t know the exact year, but looking at the age of my brother I guess it must have been in 1994 or 1995? All I remember is buying a poster at a stand while a formation team passed over. This is actually all I can remember of the airshows at Ostend that we visited. The airshow came to a devastating end when a plane crashed into the crowd in 1997. Luckily we decided not to go that day…

The pictures from Koksijde I do remember vividly. What strikes me most while watching them is how many types of planes have disappeared in the past decade…

Another one to remember

Last weekend is one to remember. A very enjoyable Saturday at the Moorsele Fly-in with great people and a barbecue! Sunday was even better with one of the best Skyvan flights ever. Usually it’s filled with skydivers or photographers, but not this time…

I was lucky to use a Fujifilm X-T1 on Sunday. A very good camera if you’d ask me. I’ll write a little review in one of the upcoming weeks and I’ll probably buy one too…

Below a couple of iPhone pictures.

Playlist: A2A behind the scenes

Ever wondered what an A2A flight looks like? Look no further, this playlist will show you!