A-109 shooting flares

Shop update

It’s been a while since I started a ‘shop’ page on this blog. Since then there have been some new products we sell, so have a look at some of the new stuff!

Next to our prints we now have iPhone, iPad and computer skins and cases.

Of course our photobook ‘CloudHead’ is also still for sale as well as our aviation photography guide.

Take a look at our shopping page for more info and to order your favorite product!

We are also very happy to announce you can find Apron6 on Pinterest now. Go ahead and check out our pins: https://www.pinterest.com/apron6/

Reno Air Races in the sixties & seventies

As if the Reno Air Races aren’t cool enough already, these videos from the sixties and seventies make it even look better.

Quick Pic: Crashed DC-3

Last week I had an amazing time¬†driving through Iceland. It was planned to do some actual flying there as well, but timings went wrong and I couldn’t make it. It’s a good reason to go back especially for flying.

I did get a look at the famous crashed DC-3 though! More pictures, made with my new XT-1, will follow later.

Quickpic: Smoke on!