Epic businessjet

A moody shot of a Phenom, made at Oulu; Finland. Businessjets are pretty cool so I’m glad it stands out in this editing.

Don’t forget to give me a vote on the AirSpaceMag competition. Click on this link, select my picture (this one) and then hit the vote button. If you’ve done this already, you can do it again every 24 hours so no reason not to vote.phenom08-08-14_2g

The best office

This must be one of the best offices for aviation enthousiasts. Judge for yourself!


Smithsonian contest: vote now!


A while ago I entered a competition organised by the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine. From today on you can vote on your favourite picture. The picture with most votes wins the ‘Readers Choice Award’. A jury will select the other winners.

You can vote for my shot by going to the following link and vote on the pictures of the hugging men. (same as the one above.) http://www.airspacemag.com/multimedia/2014-photo-contest-finalists-180953581/

It’s important to note that you can vote every 24 hours. And the voting takes place till the 15th of February. So check back once in a while to give a vote. Don’t forget to like this page and share on sociale media if you wish to help.


Pilot Factory

A couple of pictures made at Malmi Airport. Apparently a true pilot factory.

The second picture is inspired by aviation photographer Peng Chen who was making a time laps of the passing clouds, filmed from underneath the Skyvan wing. I thought it might be a nice angle and eventually ended up with this shot from the prop.


DC-3 in the Finnish sunset



The ‘swastika’ Hurricane

A rather special plane I photographed on the trip in Finland was this Hurricane with swastika markings. Not only special because of the markings but also because the plane only had these markings for it’s trip in Finland. It should look completely different in the future. We were very lucky to photograph it behind the Skyvan as well. Pictures from that flight will follow later.



Skyvan gets the ‘special forces’ look

After G-PIGY, G-BEOL got it’s repaint in true ‘special forces’ style. Bob caught some shots from the Skyvan on his way to his homebase.

It might be a good idea to set up a photoflight with one or both Skyvans as photosubjects instead of a flight in it’s usual role as photoship. After all they do look very nice like this.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Shot with iPhone.


Finland memories

The most dull grey day since long makes me want to go back to the summertime. Like when I went to Finland in 30+ °C degrees to take some pictures. Luckily doing the first planning on arrival at Helsinki Airport brought some cooling. Good times! More from Finland coming up later. Might post a couple of shots from the oldtimer fly-in at Koksijde in between too.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset


Competition time

Yup, it’s that time of the year again…

Nothing to photograph so I just reuse my pictures by entering them in photo competitions. This year I tried my luck in the Smithsonian/Air and Space Mag competition and in a competition organized by Red Bull Sweden.

The second one ended today without any luck. All you had to do was upload your action pictures on Instagram and tag them. I thought my A2A pictures of jets with afterburners would be more than enough action, but apparently they are not. I did came out as one of the more original contestants as most of the pictures showed snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, etc. Of course my shots weren’t the best. There were more than 1700 entries so it’s not really a surprise I didn’t end in the final 3, nor did I hope for it after seeing some of the entries. I am surprised though about the winning shots. The first one isn’t showing any action at all, but of course it’s a great picture. Just look at it! That light and colours! To be honest, I don’t like the second one. The third one on the other hand does show action and is a kick-ass shot.




Not enough action in these shots!

It’s not all bad luck for me though. Yesterday I got the email that one of my 3 pictures made it into the final selection of the Air & Space Magazine. I accidentally only entered in one category (don’t ask…) so I’m happy that at least one made it. I still have to compete against 9 other pictures in this category and against 39 others for the whole contest. So please keep your fingers crossed in January when they’ll announce the winners.


The finalist in the ‘people and planes’ category

I must say I am happy that both contest had a jury selecting the winning pictures. Most of the contest work with ‘likes’ on Facebook, resulting in me spamming everyday until everyone hates me. I did this once, but after that first contest I just didn’t dare to ask anyone for likes anymore. I kinda used all my credit during the first contest. I did win that one though!

So, what’s your experience with photo contests? Feel free to add current contests in the comments.

Aviationphotography.be Update

Full Vulcan XH558 is now online